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We are just starting this Covid-19 journey in Australia. Don't think it's anything otherwise.

Today the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Australia has crested 16,000. In my home state of Victoria, cases have been rising steadily from the start of July with today a country record of 700+ new cases in a day, and the number of deaths reported daily increasing as well.

These are not as severe as many other places in the world and for that I am glad. However, there is a prevailing attitude, pushed by the media, that we are in a "second wave" which is sure to peak soon (ie. tomorrow) and that afterwards everything will be fine.

A basic analysis of the numbers involved show this can't possibly be the case.

There are 25 million people in Australia. A statistic I heard early on was that 80% of the population would be infected. That's 20 million people. If it's 8%, 2 million people and at 0.8%, 200,000 people. By now we're 1% of the original 80% statistic so pretty conservative.

16,000 of 200,000. There is a very long way to go.