Quantum Gardener

Script to convert Day One export to Obsidian

I have written a script that will convert an export from Day One into Obsidian markdown format.

The features of the script are:

  • Processes all entries, including any blank ones you may have.
  • Entries organised by year/month/day
  • If multiple entries on a day, each additional entry is treated seperately
  • Adds YAML metadata for whatever exists
    • minimum date and timezone
    • Location as text
    • GPS coordinates
    • Tags
    • Starred flag
  • Every entry has the date inserted in the text for easier reading (with a calendar icon to help you quickly distinguish from other entries in your vault)
  • If location is specified, it is given under the date, linked to Google Search
  • Tags added at the bottom, each as a subtag of journal to distinguish from other tags in your vault

You can access it script at https://github.com/quantumgardener/dayone-to-obsidian