Quantum Gardener

Reversing my habit of not taking notes

I write notes all the time. Instructions I don't want to remember, work I'm thinking through, tasks I have to do. That last is important to make sure I keep getting things done (and I'm a firm believer from experience that if someone says they will do something in a meeting and doesn't write it down, it won't get done.)

After coming to Roam Research as a note-taking tool that exceeds the power of any tool I've used in the past, I am evaluating my note-taking. You see, there is a lot of information I consume that I never take a single note on.

I might mark something of interest to remember later if my brain can remember it.

Watching and reading about Roam has opened my eyes to note-taking in my own words. Sounds so obvious yet it can be easier to parrot the words of the author, especially in a world of highlight-copy-paste.

This morning was a revelation. I have just finished note-taking on three articles I had saved into Instapaper. Sunday morning, sitting in my recliner with laptop on my lap. Instapaper open in one window on the left hand side of the screen, and Road on the right hand side. Have plenty of time since finishing Ghost of Tsushima yesterday.

Three articles in 15 minutes that I actually connected with. No doubt I would have found them interesting - after all I added them to Instapaper for that purpose. But, I would have scanned them more than read them.

This is a new world I'm happy to belong to. Now to solve the same problem for podcasts.