Quantum Gardener

Open Garden

I'm very excited to be introducing The Quantum Garden. It's a digital garden which will suit my workflow and mean I can get high quality "evergreen" content published quickly. And also scratch notes ("seedlings") that have information I think will be valuable to others but is not necessarily the best written, or complete.

The main site's URL will remain as a blog and entry point to the garden's content (https://quantumgardener.blog). Still learning so it will take me a bit to get the navigation correct and optimal. Longer previous blog articles will be moved into the garden with appropriate links put in place. The whole idea of the garden is to be able to interlink as much content as possible and the garden makes it much easier to do that.

The blog entries themselves will most likely now tend to be shorter and reference into the garden rather than contain their own content of substance.

To kick things off, a couple of simple pages.

  1. Video games I'm playing
  2. Video games I've completed