Quantum Gardener

Looking forward to looking upward once again

About a month ago I started watching YouTube videos by astrophysicist Dr. Becky Smethurst and in The most distant galaxy ever found! video she highlights her new Meade 15x70 astronomy binoculars. I never knew such a thing existed and having owned both normal binoculars and a 6" reflector telescope for stargazing in the past I started investigating. My original binoculars broke many years ago and I sold the telescope last year because it was too big and unwieldly to use at a moment's notice.

It took less than a week for me to order a pair of Celestron Skymaster 20x80 binoculars as a middle ground between the two. With luck they will arrive on Monday.

In the interim I've continued to watch Dr. Becky's videos and many others on binocular and telescope use for stargazing and astrophotography. It's been interesting and I've learned a lot. This is a much better way to do research than was open to me when I bought the 6" reflector in the mid-90's. Technology and cost have moved significantly. The equipment is all cheaper and more powerful which I have to admit has a pull to it and I'll be writing about that in another article. For now I'm grateful for being able to immerse myself and reconnect with a world and universe I've enjoyed in the past and soon hope to look upon again.