Quantum Gardener

LEGO and modems

I recently had one of those big birthdays ending in zero and my girls gifted me the Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collections Edition (75192) LEGO set which I have started building. As a large project I thought I'd document it as I went along at Building the Millennium Falcon in LEGO.

Before I build any more today I have to buy a new NBN router/modem. Speeds have been terrible this week and are fluxuate too much and are too low to be accounted for by school holidays. My provider couldn't help me yesterday though they did try. When it got to the point of me needing to isolate the modem by pulling out desks to get to cables I called it.

This current modem is the one I purchased along with my service. It had problems about 9 months ago. Wasn't even loading the admin control panel properly so a replacement was sent. The replacement couldn't achieve the speeds of the original (being refurbished may have had something to do with it) so I tried plugging the original in again. It has since worked like a charm until Good Friday (yes I know the coincides with the start of the school holidays). Saturday morning here now and 3mbps simply isn't right. The other characteristic is a steady ramping up, or down, of the speed during a speed test. When all is good, it's solid with minor variations. Tests this morning started at 1mbps and slowly grew to 16/17. I should be seeing much closer to 32.

So off shopping when the stores open at 10 am.