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Learning Productive Laziness

Learning Productive Laziness — There is art in doing as much as possible, as easily as possible and that's what I call being Productive Lazy.

Productively Lazy

26 October 2020 1 Min Read

I'm proud of being productive lazy; setting up my support systems to maximise output and minimise effort.

Reversing my habit of not taking notes

23 August 2020 1 Min Read

I write notes all the time. Instructions I don't want to remember, work I'm thinking through, tasks I have to do. That last is important to…

How to embed OneDrive files in Roam Research

10 August 2020 5 Min Read

Step-by-step outline of how you can use OneDrive to 'embed' files in Roam Research without needing to upload them and losing the advantages that come with OneDrive. Can be adapted for other systems such as Dropbox.

Welcome to my digital garden

8 August 2020 1 Min Read

Mary, Mary, quite contrary How does your garden grow? With new ideas and wonder And possibility all in a row I'm about half way through the…

Remembering the small tasks too

28 July 2020 1 Min Read

I've been a proponent of the Getting Things Done methodology for many years and I use OmniFocus as my implementation tool. Each day it…

Moving from The Brain to Roam Research

21 July 2020 2 Min Read

Identification of the the major issues faced when moving from TheBrain to Roam Research and some brief learnings picked up along the way.