Quantum Gardener

I've decided to stop blogging

A year ago I started blogging again at quantumgardener.blog on a plaform built from Gatsby, Netlify and Github (later losing Gastby as it was a superflous middle step). The Digital Garden component of the site is written and published through https://obsidian.md and over time that is where I've done most of my writing.

Have a blog sitting beside that allowed me to:

  • Provide readers with an RSS update feed for easy notification of updates the site
  • Allow a way to post quick notes that I didn't think were worthy of being planted in the garden

The Digital Garden benefits from cross-linking and is a fertile place to create ideas. I can link from one "page" to another in seconds, and if said link is to a page that doesn't yet exist, when I later create it, the link will work i.e., no need to come back to a blog post and update it.

Yet, it's that which has stopped me blogging. To notify people of a substantial piece in the Digital Garden I need to:

  1. Write the piece within Obsidian
  2. Publish it from Obisidan (mere seconds)
  3. Jump into Visual Studio and manually create a blog post in Markdown
  4. Write a meaningful excerpt to show on the front page
  5. Push to Github for Netlify to pick up and post.
  6. (check and fix any errors)

The friction involved in all of this, at the end of a work day, is enough to not write at all. Neverind that the Gatsby code sitting behind the site is too complex for me to understand and modify.

So with that in mind I've decided to stop blogging.

What does this mean?

  • I can concentrate on writing to explore ideas and share that with the world.
  • RSS feed will disappear.
  • quantumgardener.blog/garden will redirect to https://quantumgardener.info (and will lapse upon renewal)
  • Life gets that little bit easier

The blog will be effectively shut down on 31 July 2021 - if you haven't seen this by then, you never will ;)