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Expand Your Way of Being

Expand Your Way of Being — Your "Way of Being" is more than the behaviour you show. It's the total sum of how you engage with the world, make meaning from your environment and take action. Expanding your way of being creates new possibilities.

The Need for Shade

25 November 2020 1 Min Read

Just as shade can provide a break from the sun, meditation can provide a break from the hectic day.

Nailing the apex of your leave

2 November 2020 1 Min Read

Can car racing teach us about leave?

Unwanted invitations

29 October 2020 1 Min Read

When a conversation doesn't go as planned, perhaps it's because we made it so.

Way of Being

27 October 2020 1 Min Read

Your Way of Being in the world is the current filter through which you experience it.

33 hours in isolation is easier with the right mood behind you

4 October 2020 3 Min Read

Accepting the consequences arising from a cough and slightly sore throat, even though I preferred things were different, helped make 33 hours of isolation easy to do.

Reflections on learning

2 October 2020 2 Min Read

Learning about new web development technologies this week has proven energising and rewarding. It's now time to reflect on what it means to have been a learner this week with material that is a real challege to me in many respects.

Are you deceiving yourself? Let me count the ways.

8 September 2020 1 Min Read

Until recently I was deceiving myself and I had no idea. That's the insidiousness of self-deception as described in the book Leadership and…

The Wickedness of Covid-19

3 August 2020 1 Min Read

"In planning and policy, a wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and…