Quantum Gardener


8 October 20201 Min Read

Welcome and thank you for stopping by Quantum Gardener. Here I share thoughts and ideas that are of interest to me in the hope they are of interest to you as well.

I've grouped my interests into three broad categories, yet if you're looking for something more specific, you might want to try the

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  • Expand Your Way of Being — Your "Way of Being" is more than the behaviour you show. It's the total sum of how you engage with the world, make meaning from your environment and take action. Expanding your way of being creates new possibilities.

  • Hobby Together — I'm a gamer, a miniature painter, a role-player and a cross-stitcher. Here's where I share my progress on whatever project currently takes my fancy.

  • Learning Productive Laziness — There is art in doing as much as possible, as easily as possible and that's what I call being Productive Lazy.