Welcome to my digital garden

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With new ideas and wonder
And possibility all in a row

I’m about half way through the Roam FM interview with Maggie Appleton. Maggie has just described her digital garden as a placeholder for ideas to grow and ripen in public. That struck me as very much what the garden in Quantum Gardener has always meant. It’s never been a place for me to write the perfect words. I don’t have time for that and the value isn’t there.

My digital garden has always been a place for sharing ideas that I have in the hope they trigger ideas in others. A place for conversation, reflection and thinking. In conversation we never hold back for the right words before speaking (though sometimes we should) otherwise we would never say anything.

Whenever I was reorganising or curating my PersonalBrain the term I would use was "gardening".

I’m hearing lots from people using Roam Research as a staging area for collating ideas before publishing. I can understand that as an academic you need to do that with a high degree of rigour. For many others however, perhaps Roam is your garden shed with seeds and once you’re ready you can take them to your garden for your ideas to grow in the sun and be enjoyed by others. Even a budding seed can be full of wonder.

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