Quantum Gardener

1, 2, 3, 4, PS5

On Thursday I managed to get an order in for a PlayStation 5. If you're not aware, September's pre-orders for the November 12 release date sold out within a couple of hours globally, and on launch day it was a mere 8 minutes between 9:03 am and 9:11 am for Amazon AU to run out of their next batch of stock.

Then on Friday I got the surprise notification it had been shipped. Legitimately; unlike the random email from earlier in the day. This means, for the first time, I'll be unpacking a gaming console on Christmas morning.

I remember in my youth going to bed one Christmas Eve desperately hoping for an Atari 2600 to no avail, and it was the fortune of Dad winning a Commodore 64 that gave us our first home computer (the impact of that on my life perhaps a story for another day).

This will be the first PlayStation I'll actually have Christmas morning. It's being delivered before then, but rightly my wife says I have to wait.

The PS1 was a non-Christmas purchase as was the PS2. My PS3 was effectively a promise allowing me to buy one in the Boxing Day sales, and my PS4 was purchased with a Christmas bonus at work, but not available until February.

In my 50th year around the sun, I'm like a little kid. Relishing every minute of joy.