Quantum Gardener

I've decided to stop blogging

11 July 2021 1 Min Read

There is too much friction in the system of blogging for updates to my Digital Garden that I've decided to remove blogging from my workflow.

Bad design in computer games

20 June 2021 2 Min Read

Some things in computer games irk me and are completely avoidable.

Back to full speed

11 April 2021 1 Min Read

Yesterday's modem replacment has proven a success.

LEGO and modems

9 April 2021 1 Min Read

A wonderful birthday gift has me building one of the biggest LEGO models ever but I have to buy a new modem first.

Looking forward to looking upward once again

27 March 2021 1 Min Read

A chance moment in a YouTube video has led to me reconnecting with the stars.

Is your new 4K TV missing out on the best picture you can get?

7 March 2021 1 Min Read

Confusion and mis-information about new technology means people will have equipment in their home they are underutilising.

Could this be the best book I've ever read?

7 March 2021 1 Min Read

Reality is not what it seems has given me an understanding of the world I have never been able to grasp until now.

Adding a due date to your tasks is a mistake

1 March 2021 1 Min Read

Over time my tasks attracted due dates and I've realised that was a big mistake.

Let there be LYT

28 February 2021 1 Min Read

The Digital Garden is receiving a makeover with the introduction of Linking Your Thoughts (LYT) navigation structures.

Script to convert Day One export to Obsidian

20 February 2021 1 Min Read

After moving to Obsidian I decided I wanted all my notes in the same, easy to access place. This includes my journal entries.

Three influences in my life

17 February 2021 1 Min Read

When asked to list three influences in my life, the first was obvious and the other two a surprise.

Customer experience is dead -- long live customer experience

12 February 2021 4 Min Read

In which I contrast two very different online customer experiences in my attempt to buy two new iPhones during a snap lockdown.

Nagash now has a torso

9 February 2021 1 Min Read

I finally hit the painting table again and give Nagash a torso.

Oh no, that can't be good

8 February 2021 1 Min Read

Temporary setback as I noticed a tear in the ear pad of my headphones.

Hated of the Nation

5 February 2021 1 Min Read

Science fiction that makes you think is always exciting.

The Basic Linguistic Act of a Celebrity Leaving the Jungle

3 February 2021 1 Min Read

We take a look at the possible basic linguistic acts Mel Buttle may have used when she asked to leave the jungle and find out it may not be as obvious as you think

Open Garden

2 February 2021 1 Min Read

A new way of sharing information online as it grows.

Transplanting my brain from Roam to Obsidian

28 January 2021 1 Min Read

For the second time in 6 months I've moved my note taking and task tracking from one application to another. This is why I moved from TheBrain/Omnifocus/OneNote to Roam Resarch and now Obsidian.

Looking after yourself in 2021

18 January 2021 1 Min Read

Looking after yourself in 2021 is more than just physical care. You'll do better by learning good mental hygeine as well.

Leaving WhatsApp for Signal

9 January 2021 1 Min Read

Today I began the process of leaving WhatsApp for the more secure Signal.

Saving the Sound of Saving Private Ryan

28 December 2020 1 Min Read

How many people have spent money on their home theatre equipment and because of changing standards are not getting what they paid for, but never know otherwise? This article will get you navigate the complexity of today's home AV world.

The Need for Shade

25 November 2020 1 Min Read

Just as shade can provide a break from the sun, meditation can provide a break from the hectic day.

1, 2, 3, 4, PS5

15 November 2020 1 Min Read

New RSS location

15 November 2020 1 Min Read

The location of our RSS feed has changed and an update is required.

Nailing the apex of your leave

2 November 2020 1 Min Read

Can car racing teach us about leave?

Unwanted invitations

29 October 2020 1 Min Read

When a conversation doesn't go as planned, perhaps it's because we made it so.

Way of Being

27 October 2020 1 Min Read

Your Way of Being in the world is the current filter through which you experience it.

Productively Lazy

26 October 2020 1 Min Read

I'm proud of being productive lazy; setting up my support systems to maximise output and minimise effort.

33 hours in isolation is easier with the right mood behind you

4 October 2020 3 Min Read

Accepting the consequences arising from a cough and slightly sore throat, even though I preferred things were different, helped make 33 hours of isolation easy to do.

Reflections on learning

2 October 2020 2 Min Read

Learning about new web development technologies this week has proven energising and rewarding. It's now time to reflect on what it means to have been a learner this week with material that is a real challege to me in many respects.

New ways to host a website

1 October 2020 1 Min Read

Wowsers have times changed in the world of website creation since I began my first website in 1999. Today's technologies combine the best of all worlds balancing what's needed for content creators and their content consumers.

Are you deceiving yourself? Let me count the ways.

8 September 2020 1 Min Read

Reversing my habit of not taking notes

23 August 2020 1 Min Read

Ghost of Tsushima

22 August 2020 1 Min Read

My thoughts on this exhilarating and immersive journey through feudal Japan.

How to embed OneDrive files in Roam Research

10 August 2020 5 Min Read

Step-by-step outline of how you can use OneDrive to 'embed' files in Roam Research without needing to upload them and losing the advantages that come with OneDrive. Can be adapted for other systems such as Dropbox.

Welcome to my digital garden

8 August 2020 1 Min Read

We are just starting this Covid-19 journey in Australia. Don't think it's anything otherwise.

3 August 2020 1 Min Read

The Wickedness of Covid-19

3 August 2020 1 Min Read

They Gave Us Laughter (revisited)

3 August 2020 1 Min Read

Remembering the small tasks too

28 July 2020 1 Min Read

Moving from The Brain to Roam Research

21 July 2020 2 Min Read

Identification of the the major issues faced when moving from TheBrain to Roam Research and some brief learnings picked up along the way.